Invitation to Impact StartUp Nordic Demoday

We believe that entrepreneurs hold many of the best solutions to society’s biggest challenges. That’s why we want to help them grow. And we hope YOU will be a part of it.

Date: 11.11.2021                    Time: 09:30-12:00

We are happy to invite you to the first Nordic Impact Startup DemoDay, where you will meet some of the best social impact entrepreneurs in the Nordic.

12 promising impact startups from the Nordic in need of capital will pitch online followed by a live Q&A session where they will answer questions about their company. The companies are all early stage/pre-seed companies – ready to take their next step with the right investors onboard.

The startups represent following sectors: Health – Social – Climate – Edu – Material industry

Headlines from the program:

09:30 Welcome from Impact StartUp Nordic

09:45 Pitch and Q&A session: 112 startups from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. You will meet: Healper, HeroOmMaj, DayCape, Testhub, WeUse, Swiftly, WAID, Precure, Lifeness, Kreftkompasset, Scriin

12:00 End of today’s event

The impact startup DemoDay is open for all investors and philanthropists that want to invest in or support early-stage impact companies.

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We look forward to seeing YOU